Our family's business
is to protect yours.

Putting your future first. It’s what we’ve always done.

Wealth Market is owned by one of Australia’s leading family-run businesses, not a bank.

And that makes a big difference to how we take care of you. Because for us, your future is personal. Our purpose is to help you find financial freedom, so you can make the decisions you want in life without having to worry too much about money. This doesn’t free you from the responsibility of managing your money well – but it means you’re in control of your finances, they’re not controlling you.

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Values and mission

We believe everyone deserves to feel financially secure.
So we’re here to help you get the hard stuff sorted.
Our values empower us to work as one team to put you first.

  • Courage

  • Responsibility

  • Ambition

  • Curiosity

Our Team

Rudy Haddad
Head of Practice Management & Technical Advice Delivery

Jasmin Loke
National Compliance, Operations and AFSL Manager

Our Heritage

As part of the White Family Group, putting customer needs first has been the foundation of our success for 110 years. In 2014 we saw a need to make money management simpler for more people, and so Wealth Market was born.

Our family is all about taking care of others. It’s what defines us and makes us unique. I was brought up to understand that helping our customers is central to everything we do. For many years, it's been a personal goal to find more ways to help people on an everyday basis. Not just with property and finance, but with broader, high quality advice that helps change lives and realise dreams.

Sam White

Chairman, Wealth Market.

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