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Step 01

We examine your circumstances in line with your goals, and research the possible options to assist you in reaching them

Step 02

We prepare your financial plan with strategies to help you achieve your goals. You can expect simple, jargon-free explanations – ask as many questions as you want.

Step 03

Then we’ll take care of the paperwork, helping you put your plan in place and keeping you informed along the way.

Step 04

We check your insurance cover to make sure you, your loved ones and lifestyle are protected, and continually monitor and review your financial plan to ensure it stays on track. That’s one less thing to worry about at night.

Step 05

As life changes, we’re here to guide you through big decisions and keep you on track towards your goals.

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What can we help you with?

Identify short, medium and long-term goals

Big dreams can be achievable when you have a plan. Whether it’s buying your first home, starting your own business or feeling good about retirement, we’ll help you work out the steps you can take now.

Better manage your money

Budgeting doesn’t have to mean missing out on life’s good stuff. We’ll help you find a balance between spending and saving, so you can get on top of your cash flow and get one step closer to your goals.

Get on top of your debt

Spiralling credit card or personal loan debt can make a big dent in your budget. We’ll help you work out how much it’s really costing you in interest payments, and whether consolidating debts is right for you.

Develop an investment plan

With so many options available, it pays to get advice about the right investment strategy for you – whether that’s long-term capital gain, lower-risk predictable income or more tax-effective* investment strategies.

Make the most of your superannuation

The more super you save, the better your life will be in the future. We’ll make sure your super is working as hard as it can be for you, and can advise on setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

Work out your insurance needs

It’s essential to plan for the unexpected – and make sure you and your family will be looked after if you were suddenly unable to earn an income. We’ll make sure you have the right cover, at the right price.

Plan your retirement

You’ve worked hard, and you’re ready to make more time for the good life. Make sure you have enough put aside and strategies to make it last, with advice on investing for tax-effective income*, downsizing and transitioning out of work.

Find out if you're eligible for government assistance

Baffled by pension entitlements, family tax benefits or aged care funding arrangements? We’ll help you work through your options.

Take care of your estate planning

Is your will up to date? Have you planned who would take care of your kids if the unthinkable happened? You’ll sleep better at night knowing there’s a plan in place to protect the people you love.

* We are Registered Tax Financial Advisers with the Tax Practitioners Board, which means we can advise you about any tax implications relating to our recommendations. But if you need comprehensive tax advice you should talk to an accountant.

Stories like yours

Susan from Box Hill, VIC

Susan and her husband had a goal of retiring in 5 years, but were unsure if they had sufficient super/ assets to achieve it.

Their assets included an investment property they had purchased 4 years prior. Susan engaged a Wealth Market adviser to seek advice on retirement planning, and more specifically, whether they should retain or sell their investment property - and which option would help them achieve their retirement goals.

In consultation with Susan and her husband, their Wealth Market adviser initially in ascertaining their retirement goals objectives, which included a detailed assessment of the required income Susan and her husband would require to cover their ongoing household expenses, as well as ensuring they had sufficient funds for discretionary spending on items like annual holidays.

Once this had been established, their Wealth Market adviser analysed their income and expenses to determine their available cash for investment over the next 5 years.

This analysis was modelled around three different financial scenarios that centred on the investment property, namely:

  1. Sell their investment property now
  2. Sell their investment property at retirement
  3. Retain their investment property in retirement

Through careful planning and analysis, their Wealth Market adviser determined that the third option was the least viable. Options one and two offered minimal difference between them in the final outcome, and either option, in conjunction with a tailored investment plan would lead to Susan and her husband achieving their goals

As such their Wealth Market adviser recommended they speak to a property expert to seek advice on selling their investment property, which Susan and her husband subsequently did, and consequently were able to achieve their retirement objectives based on their super contributions and sale proceeds from their investment property.

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