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    Where can you get returns in this climate?

    With interest rates at ultra-lows what are your investment alternatives?If your savings are sitting in a bank account and accruing next to nothing in returns, you’re likely better off to put your money into an alternative investment. But where should you be invested in 2021: bitcoin, bricks and m...

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    Gender roles and financial controls

    No matter your life stage or circumstance, knowing where you stand financially is empowering. There's an alarming amount of data demonstrating that women don't engage with their finances often, or thoroughly, enough. In fact, affluent millennials are among the worst offenders. Many say they j...

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    The Power to see the Future

    Did you know, Wealth Market has a sophisticated software tool that allows us to show your clients a visual forecast of their financial performance over their lifetime. It looks at their financial universe including the growth in the value of property, super, savings, insurance, investments and mo...

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    You’re not “too young” to have this discussion with an adviser

    Do you have a plan in place that will minimise your costs and maximise your legacy? If you’re interested in planning for the future – but confused about what estate planning actually means, this is for you. And no, you’re not too young to read this article… so keep going...​

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    Why your biggest ally is a Wealth Market adviser

    For many people, the very idea of dealing with finances is a terrifying prospect – and expert advice seems out of reach and unaffordable. But unless you have good knowledge of the financial marketplace, it can be a pretty daunting task to handle on your own. If you want to understand more about t...

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    Prepare for the Unexpected.

    Australians tend to be optimists, and that optimism can potentially lead to a large percentage of us being underinsured. The loss of a family member is emotionally devastating. But it shouldn’t also be financially devastating, and all too often it is. COVID has become a catalyst for conversat...

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    What does it mean for you?

    Australian Government’s 2020-21 Budget At 7:30pm (AEDT) on Tuesday 6 October 2020, the Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, released the Australian Government’s 2020-21 Budget. After going into a record deficit of $213.7 billion in 2019-20 to support individuals and businesses during the COVI...

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    Tax time tips for the new normal

    This new financial year, operating in the “new norm” of working from home, brings with it some new tax opportunities and implications for employees and small business owners. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released some information to help you understand what you can claim, and ...

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    Has COVID affected your cashflow?

    Wealth Market has been inundated with new clients who want to set themselves up through the rollercoaster that is a pandemic…did we mention it’s coupled with a recession? And rightly so. These are, as they keep saying in the media, “novel” times, so families, small businesses and individuals a...

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    What is your vision?

    ​COVID-19 has changed our lives but it does not have to kill our dreams. We cannot wait for all the restrictions to be lifted completely so we can socialize, travel, treat our kids and do the little things we all took for granted. While we wait, we have had the time to reflect on our lives and re...

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    Did you say home office?

    Does your mind go to the design of the space? Do you maybe have a vivid memory of your partner trying to tame your toddler in the background? Do you love the fact that you can sleep in and basically just brush your teeth and you are at work? I thought so – not many of you thought TAX TIME, did you?

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    15 minutes with Rudy Haddad

    ​Wealth Market is blessed to have the talented Rudy Haddad as our Head Of Practice Management & Technical Advice Delivery. Rudy holds a Diploma of Financial Planning as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Rudy has been assisting financial advisers across Australia for 21 years with financia...

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    Goal Setting

    One of the most important parts of the financial advice process is the setting of your own, personal financial and lifestyle goals. As advisers we think about setting, working towards and meeting goals for our clients day in day out. We understand that everything that surrounds ‘goals’ is not jus...