Gender roles and financial controls

I’m hoping this article reaches women who have made a commitment to themselves to take control of their finances in the new year. And, as I write this, I ask for your forgiveness if I generalise or stereotype in any way. The purpose of this piece is to encourage more women to fall in love with their finances, to find the wonder in creating wealth…

No matter your life stage or circumstance, knowing where you stand financially is empowering. 

There's an alarming amount of data demonstrating that women don't engage with their finances often, or thoroughly, enough. In fact, affluent millennials are among the worst offenders. Many say they just aren't interested, or don't see the urgency.

And the old, “but I’m not good at this stuff” excuse won't cut it. Multiple studies have shown that when women do take the reins on investment decisions, they outperform men by one to two percentage points a year, on average. 

Even if you're part of a couple, it’s important you’re at the table with the financial adviser to discuss big purchases, future plans and strategies. In fact, financial differences are one of the biggest catalysts for divorce, so seeing a financial adviser together can be a relationship saver!

You don't have to know everything about the markets or every aspect of financial services, but you do have to have your own road map of your financial life. Wealth Market will be your guide, you just need a vision for the life you want to live. 

Wealth Market is all about helping women in 2021… make your first appointment with a Wealth Market Financial Adviser to get started.