Protecting your financial future.

We all know that unexpected events can and do happen in life, so it's important to have a financial back-up plan in place to protect yourself and your family. If tragic events strike, like illness, injury, permanent disability, or worse premature death - it's a huge relief to know that you've got a financial safety net and support during difficult times.

4 reasons why protection insurances are a smart move.

  1. Provides a financial safety net - when it's needed most. Provides cover to help you pay your loans, mortgage, bills and living expenses.
  2. Reduces financial stress - if serious events happen, you won't have the additional worry about money and you can focus on recovery and rebuilding your life.
  3. Financial security - money won’t replace your health and wellbeing, but it's good to know that your standard of living is protected and that you will be able to move forward.
  4. Look after yourself and your family - know that you’re being responsible, protecting your financial security and future.

We’ve recently helped some of our clients with their claims.

A terminally ill client diagnosed with cancer make an early life insurance claim through super, giving him peace of mind that his wife and three children have financial security for their future. - QLD

A client diagnosed with breast cancer make a trauma claim. Our client received a full payout within a week of submitting all of the required documents. The payout was used to help pay for her mastectomy and medical costs. - VIC

If you have any questions about your protection insurances or if you need help with making a claim contact your adviser.

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