The furphy about the cost of financial advice

In a recent survey, more than 8 in 10 advised clients say the value of advice outweighs the costs. Half of the advised clients rated the guidance they received for investing money and making fi­nancial decisions as invaluable. A whopping 93% said that a professional financial adviser helped them "get the most out of their situation", while 91% were able to avoid financial pitfalls.

But cost is a perceived barrier. Lots of people believe they do not have enough money or assets, and that they probably couldn't afford financial advice. That’s not the case at Wealth Market. We offered tailored financial support for those of you in infancy of your careers; it’s support that is both affordable and crucial to your personal prosperity over time. 

Why does your financial decision-making today matter?

The tough reality is that retirement is set to look very sad for today’s millennials, Gen X and Gen Zs. A recent survey revealed that 35 per cent of Australians with superannuation aren’t checking their accounts and most Gen Z have never reviewed their super (while boomers look at it several times a month). 

Your future and finances are so individual. In a few decades time as a retiree, you might live happily on $40,000 per year while another struggles on $100,000! We can help young clients like you to make savvy super decisions now for major benefits in the long term by starting to grow their nest egg in your twenties and thirties instead of waiting until it’s too late.

Finances get harder before they get easier.

The thirties are tough times for saving: the average Aussie is either buying a home or paying one off, feeding and schooling kids, and trying to build wealth without much direction. Though every second person you speak to these days seems to purport to be a stock market trader or bitcoin mogul! The upshot of covid has been that we’re seeing the benefits of “accidental savings'' as a result of cancelled holidays and limited entertainment options in 2020. That money can be invested wisely for you today, without gambling on passing comments about direct shares and crypto.

Get started sooner and reap the rewards before retirement.