What is your vision?

COVID-19 has changed our lives but it does not have to kill our dreams. We cannot wait for all the restrictions to be lifted completely so we can socialise, travel, treat our kids and do the little things we all took for granted. While we wait, we have had the time to reflect on our lives and realise what is really important to us. That Vision provides motivation and inspires us to keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Fork in the road

What life did you envision for yourself before COVID19? Do you wonder if the goal of owning your first home - or your third investment property - seems to have slipped even further out of reach? Almost one million Australians are out of work.  The Government is providing fortnightly payments at the moment but is already considering cutting the $1,500 Job Keeper payment or phasing it out faster than expected. Could you be eligible for and do you know how to apply for the various government support payments? Are you considering taking money out of your superannuation fund? It seems as easy as accessing a bank account…but do you really understand the long term implications this will have on your financial future?

Seeing is believing

Most of us prefer to pay by card. Many have set up direct debits to automatically pay our bills. Not to mention the spur of the moment purchases thanks to ZipPay and Afterpay. Add to those gifts, donations and our obsession with food delivery apps. Plus the odd transaction cost that we don't pay attention to. I want you to imagine a huge mountain – but not in the Himalayas – in your living room! Made up of all those purchases and UBER Eats cartons…. I bet if you could see visually where all your discretionary funds are ending up you would consider making a change.

Financial Advice

Yes, we need to reduce our expenses, save and square up contingency plans but there is more to life than just living to pay bills, isn’t there? Do not write-off the year 2020 just yet! Wealth Market is here to help you set goals, get back on track and succeed in accomplishing your goals – yes even during a crisis! Many people are meeting with their accountants for help and advice right now – the thing to consider is: accountants are backward looking professionals. Financial Advisers on the other hand are forward looking professionals. A budget tells your money what to do each month. A financial adviser on the other hand tells you what your money is doing each month and then some. We help you get a visual understanding of your financial behaviours. Your Wealth Market Financial Adviser will help you go from point A to B in real time without giving up your daily coffee.

“You may not control all of the events that happen to you but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” - Maya Angelou