Why your biggest ally is a Wealth Market adviser

You can make your financial future more predictable and prosperous

For many people, the very idea of dealing with finances is a terrifying prospect – and expert advice seems out of reach and unaffordable. But unless you have good knowledge of the financial marketplace, it can be a pretty daunting task to handle on your own. If you want to understand more about the benefits of using a Wealth Market adviser, here’s how.

Take control of your finances

In a busy world riddled with covid chaos, it’s more important than ever to have complete control over your money. Understanding how your earnings and investments can impact your future is an important part of your decision making. But it’s tough out there without some professional help. With financial jargon and small print jumping out at every turn, tackling the finances alone can make us feel even more stressed and anxious about the future. Partnering with a Wealth Market adviser means you’re not alone, and can make decisions with confidence and ease. 

The role of a Wealth Market adviser

Our job is to keep your financial targets on track – and keep your expectations realistic along the way. We use our experience and knowledge to help you develop the right approach for your situation. Together, we can set realistic goals and build strategies that increase your income and reduce your expenses. We understand that many people are uncomfortable dealing with finances and would much rather be doing other things. A professional pair of hands (and set of eyes) can really take that pressure off, and as long standing finance professionals we are always available to give an experienced and balanced perspective. 

More than your money’s worth

There is a dated perception that advice is unaffordable. Once upon a time, it was exclusive to family offices and wealthy investors. Today, financial advice is available to every earning level and every stage of life: first job to last, new investors to complex businesses.  The bulk of our work is actually quite difficult to measure because it lies in our ability to educate and  communicate. Yes, the numerical value is in the returns but we believe in the importance of educating and building relationships - so we take the time to personally engage with our clients. We need to know your goals and we want to share in the successes as you progress. We encourage dialogue and debate to achieve robust outcomes, afterall we are all striving towards the same goal. Honest comparisons and justifications of portfolio choices are important because we are truly invested in our work and we believe in what we do. Whether your investment is large or small, all our clients are important to us and can expect the same level of attention and service.

How do I know if it’s working?

The beauty of working with a skilled adviser is that the progress is measurable, But we believe that financial planning is about more than numbers. It’s also about relationships and connections that go way beyond financial gain. Understanding what drives and motivates you means that we can add meaningful purpose and value. If we can bring you peace of mind, assurance and security on top of financial gains, then that’s success. You’ll receive regular reporting, and we’ll meet periodically to track and adjust the plan to match the market movements and your motivations.

Increasing wealth and peace of mind...

One of ABC’s 'Australia Talks' surveys found that financial worry is the second most concerning worry for Australians across age demographics after climate change. That research also found that quality financial advice was an antidote to retirement anxiety, with 50 per cent of respondents indicating they do not worry about retirement. Another study found that Australians receiving financial advice are twice as likely to rate their level of financial wellbeing as high or very high, compared to those who are not receiving advice. 

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