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What is financial advice and is it right for me?

Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to retire, it’s important to plan for the future. We understand life is busy and it’s all too easy to get stuck in today. Whatever your goals are in life, we have a simple and easy to navigate process to create a plan to help you achieve them.

A financial adviser can:

  • Help you make the most of your money
  • Alert you to any government assistance you’re entitled to
  • Advise you on how to invest tax-effectively
  • Assist you to choose the most appropriate investment strategy
  • Help you make the most of your super
  • Protect your assets
  • Protect you and your family
  • Make you feel more in control of your finances and your life
  • Work with you to plan for retirement
  • Give you confidence that your future plans are achievable
  • Help you live the life you want

Ready to get started?

It all starts with a complimentary financial freedom review with a Wealth Market financial adviser. In this review, we'll:


We examine your circumstances in line with your goals, and research the possible options to assist you in reaching them.


We prepare your financial plan with strategies to help you achieve your goals. You can expect simple, jargon-free explanations – ask as many questions as you want.


Then we’ll take care of the paperwork, helping you put your plan in place and keeping you informed along the way.


We check your insurance cover to make sure you, your loved ones and lifestyle are protected, and continually monitor and review your financial plan to ensure it stays on track. That’s one less thing to worry about at night.


As life changes, we’re here to guide you through big decisions and keep you on track towards your goals.

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Wealth Market helped me find financial freedom. I had no idea that financial planning could benefit me and my family.

Angie Smith

Mother of two, Melbourne

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